la xarxa de la Penèlope

<<And she devised in her heart this guileful thing also: she set up in her halls a great web, and fell to weaving— [95] fine of thread was the web and very wide; and straightway she spoke among us: ‘Young men, my wooers, since goodly Odysseus is dead, be patient, though eager for my marriage, until I finish this robe—I would not that my spinning should come to naught—a shroud for the lord Laertes, against the time when [100] the fell fate of grievous death shall strike him down; lest any of the Achaean women in the land should be wroth with me, if he, who had won great possessions, were to lie without a shroud.’ So she spoke, and our proud hearts consented. Then day by day she would weave at the great web, [105] but by night would unravel it, when she had let place torches by her. Thus for three years she by her craft kept the Achaeans from knowing, and beguiled them; but when the fourth year came as the seasons rolled on, even then one of her women who knew all told us, and we caught her unravelling the splendid web. [110] So she finished it against her will, perforce.>>

/Homer. The Odyssey. Book 2. Line 90-110/


teixir sense teler 2

teixir sense teler 3

teixir sense teler 4


<<com una aranya d’art subtil,
buida que buida sa filosa,
de nostra vida treu lo fil.
Com una parca bé
teixint la tela per demà.>>

/Joan Alcover. Fragment de La Balanguera/